February 26, 2015

Dave says, "Show me the honey money!"

David Boyd wins the first official Honey Money Pot!

"I don't want to try. I'm too tired," he said right before hitting his second putt for $11 and two free passes to the Hippo.


February 12, 2015

Show me the honey money!

The next time you are at the shop, show off your putting prowess and try the Killer B Honey Pot Putting Challenge. 

For just $1, you'll get three tries to sink a putt from the shop's front door to the practice basket on the putting area. If you hit one of them, you'll win all the dollars from everyone else plus a bonus from Killer B!

Who's going to be first to clean out the Honey Pot?

February 4, 2015

Saturday league & glow league are done for now

Due to unusually colder weather, weekend tournaments, and dwindling attendance, Saturday morning league and Saturday glow league have been put on hold.

On a brighter note, Tuesday night league starts in just over a month!

February 3, 2015

Tee for two

I am looking for a few people to come help rough-in some tee pads at Boyd Pond on Saturday, Feb. 7. I'm leaving Killer B at 9:15 sharp or you can meet me at Boyd Pond at 9:30.

Bring chainsaws, loppers, shovels, gloves, drinks, lunch (there is not much around.) RSVP here if you can make it.

February 2, 2015

Danny Goodwin, you're a winner!

Congrats to Danny Goodwin of Augusta, GA on winning the Killer B Super Bowl Pick 'Em contest! Danny has won a free custom-dyed disc of his choice! We have emailed Danny, but if you know him, please let him know.

We had three Patriots pickers tied for almost getting the score correct, but Danny won the tiebreaker by just one!

Results: Patriots, 28-24, 37 completions

  1. Danny Goodwin (Augusta, GA): 28-23, 23 completions
  2. Donnie Phillips (Harvard, MA): 27-24, 22 completions
  3. Adam Forck (N. Augusta, SC): 27-24, 15 completions

February 1, 2015

Killer B Pick 'Em entries

See who your competition is here. Good luck and let's go Patriots!

January 27, 2015