July 15, 2014

Vote for Marcy for PDGA board!

Mrs. Killer B is running for the PDGA Board of Directors. Check your email from July 1 for a link to the voting page and please vote for her!

Marcy formerly worked as PDGA office manager and bookkeeper and knows the ins and outs of the organization.

As a Board member her focus will be on providing more support and recognition for TDs and State Coordinators, who are the backbone of the PDGA.

She will also focus on ensuring that member fees and other PDGA monies are being used effectively and appropriately.

Thanks for your consideration and tell your friends to vote for Mrs. B!

To learn more about Marcy, visit the PDGA election page.

July 11, 2014

We are hiring at the Hive

We are looking for a friendly, trustworthy, and responsible person to work part-time at our disc golf shop. You should play disc golf but don't have to be an expert. Weekends are a must, plus 1-2 afternoons a week.

Who we are looking for
You will be a cashier, stock person, janitor, and disc golf advocate. You will love to help new players find just the right disc. You will be dependable, show up on time, have a good eye for detail, know how to use a computer, and help create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone who visits. You will be willing to learn about everything we carry and maybe even want to learn how to run leagues and tournaments the Killer B way.

You will be proactive and help keep the store and the areas around the store clean and tidy. That means you will clean bathrooms, take out the trash, sweep the store, sort recyclables, and be on the constant lookout for litter and cigarette butts.

Surprisingly, you will not play disc golf all day, practice your putting all day, or stare at your phone all day. This is a job. You will be able to keep busy when there are no customers and take pride in your store and the Hippo. You will be able to be given a project and complete it with minimal supervision.

You will be over 18, responsible, trustworthy, and friendly. You will have retail and/or customer service experience and be comfortable handling money. We are a very small business and finding the right person to grow with us is very important.

Email a short resume and cover letter to Killer B Headquarters. Grammar and proper use of the English language is important to us. Phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages will be ignored and deleted.

Thank you!

July 9, 2014

Seven days, six aces!

What a week of disc golf it was here at the Hippodrome at the end of June. Over the span of seven days, we had six aces, with three being first-career aces! I've never been around so many aces in such a short period of time!

Things are hot at the Hippo and Killer B!

  • Wed. June 25 - Jerry 'Swami' Swain aces Gobbler's Knob on Hogback with a Tern. His shrieks of joy are heard throughout North Augusta. It was his first ace ever.
  • Fri. June 27 - Dave Donaldson aces Treasure Island blues with a Roc3 during the pre-tournament Killer B Doubles. Due to some communication problems, he didn't get in the Ace pot! It was his first ace ever.
  • Sat. June 28 - John Marcus squeezes in a round with his wife after round 1 of the Spike Hyzer tournament and aces Snake Oil.
  • Sun. June 29 - During the Spike Hyzer tourney, Killer B John hits basket on Totem Pole, aces Lover's Lane red with a Challenger, and splashes out of Dead End!
  • Sun. June 29 - Killer B employee Aaron Doyle aces Dead End and splits the ace pot with John. John promptly fires him. 
  • Tue. July 1 - Zak Hoisington aces Old Glory red with a Firebird (I think) during league for his first ever ace.

July 3, 2014

Get a Grip

The new Grip bags come in and the new Grip bags go out! Come get yourself one before it's too late.

Firecracker Friday

June 30, 2014

Twisted Tuesday league -- America style

We protect the Hive

Congrats to Dave Don (Rec), Kurt Spivey (Adv GM), and Killer B John (Adv Masters) for defending their home turf this weekend at the Spike Hyzer tourney held at the Hippodrome.

Congrats also to John and Killer B Drone Aaron Doyle for cleaning out the ace pot!

Props to Doug, Robert, and the rest of the crew who got the courses in tiptop shape! We heard so many compliments.